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Why You Should Use a Sex Swing

Why You Should Use a Sex Swing

And be sure to check the weight limit. This is especially important if both of you are planning to climb aboard and try a weightless iteration of a classic partnered position like missionary or spooning.

The Best Sex Swings to Buy

Now that you know know how to use a sex swing, onto where to buy them. Good news: They’re probably less expensive than you might guess. „You really don’t need to spend more than $100 on one,“ says Stubbs. (That’s actually less expensive than most luxury vibrators!) Invest in one of the four sex swings below, then give it a try.

Keep in mind, the first time you try using a sex swing, it may not be perfect. „Go in with a sense of humor and prepare to troubleshoot if you set the straps up too low or high or the position you were planning to try doesn’t quite work,“ says Dr. Stubbs. Noted. (Related: 35+ Sex Positions You Can Try While Waiting for Your Sex Swing to Get Delivered)